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Latex Foley Catheter

Product Name: Latex Foley Catheter

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

What is Latex Foley Catheter?

Latex Foley Catheter is a delicate, adaptable cylinder that is utilized to empty pee out of the bladder. Its thermo-delicate property permits it to warm up to the encompassing temperatures so it becomes malleable. Certain individuals observe that plastic catheter is more best than vinyl or silicone ones because of their adaptability.

How are Latex Foley catheter used?

It is a non-self-holding, India elastic, radio-murky catheter utilized for giving bladder wash, purification, and entrail wash and depleting the pee in the event of intense maintenance of pee. It is likewise utilized for a retrograde cystourethrogram (MCU).

  • Utilized for short/long haul pee seepage.
  • Produced using regular plastic elastic.
  • Siliconized smooth surface for atraumatic catheterization.
  • The polymer covering on the inside surface – for a more prominent internal width and high stream.
  • Limits encrustation and ensuing catheter blockage and disappointment.
  • Smooth eye, ultra slim profoundly flexible inflatable, and hard non-return valve for inconvenience-free expansion and flattening.
  • Additionally accessible in gold tone and Hydrophilic covering.
Silicone CoatedDS0020DS0021DS0022
Hydrophilic CoatedDS0020-HDS0021-HDS0022-H
Size (FR/CH)6810
Size (Fr)Balloon Volume (ml)

Product Name: Latex Foley Catheter

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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