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Polyethersulfone (PES) Dialyzer (High Flux Dialyzer)

Product Name: Dialyzer (High Flux Dialyzer)

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

What is a Dialyzer (High Flux Dialyzer)?

Dialyzer (High Flux Dialyzer) with low transition have bigger pores and permit dissemination of more noteworthy measures of uremic poisons and center particles, for example, β2 microglobulin and in this manner, they might diminish the gamble of dialysis-related amyloidosis (3, 4).

How is the Dialyzer (High Flux Dialyzer) used?

PES is utilized in the filtration business as empty fiber films as well as in respirator nebulizers. Because of its capacity to endure high temperatures for supported periods, PES is tracking down applications as an electrical separator.

Model and SpecificationDC1001DC1002DC1003DC1004DC1005DC1006
Membrane MaterialMedical-grade polyether sulfone (PES)
Housing & Blood caps MaterialMedical-grade Polycarbonate (PC)
Potting Sealants MaterialBi-component polyurethane sealants(PU)
The inner diameter of the membrane (μm)200
Wall thickness of the membrane (μm)40
Max. operation pressure (kPa/mmHg)66.5/500
Max. flow rate (mL/min)Max. QB = 500mL/min, Max. QD = 500~800mL/min
Effective membrane area (m2)
Blood compartment Volume (ml)70788598110125

Product Name: Dialyzer (High Flux Dialyzer)

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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