Levomac 500mg Infusion



What is Levomac 500mg Infusion?

Levomac 500mg infusion is an antibiotic, used the remedy bacterial infections. It’s also used in treating infections of the urinary tract, nostril, throat, pores and skin and smooth tissues, and lungs (pneumonia). It remedies the infection with the aid of stopping additional growth of the causative microorganisms.

How to Levomac 500mg Infusion will be used?

Levomac 500mg infusion is given as an injection right into a vein (intravenous), in instances in which oral administration isn’t possible, which includes hospitalized or unconscious sufferers. It’s miles administered via a healthcare expert. Kindly no longer self-administer. Avoid skipping any doses and end the total course of treatment even in case you sense higher.

Common Side effects of this Infusion:-

A few people may have a headache, dizziness, nausea, and constipation as facet consequences of this remedy. Diarrhea may additionally arise as a facet impact however ought to prevent it when your path is complete. Inform your medical doctor if it does not stop or in case you find blood in your stools. You can additionally notice a few injection site reactions like aches, swelling, or redness. These are typically transient and remedy on their very own, but please seek advice from your doctor if these aspect results persist for an extended period.

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Brand Name: Levomac

Manufacturer: Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Infusion

Strength: 500mg

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