Dexrabeprazole Dexarab 10mg Tablet



What is Dexrabeprazole Dexarab 10mg Tablet?

Dexrabeprazole Dexarab 10mg Tablet is a prescription that diminishes how much destructive conveyed in your stomach. It is used for treating destructive related ailments of the stomach and stomach related framework like acid reflux, indigestion, peptic ulcer disease, and some other stomach conditions related with outrageous destructive creation.

How toDexrabeprazole Dexarab 10mg Tablet will be used?

Dexarab 10mg Tablet is in like manner used to prevent stomach ulcers and sharpness that may be seen with the deferred use of pain killers. It has a spot with a class of medications known as proton siphon inhibitors (PPIs). This medicine should be required one hour before supper, preferably in the initial segment of the day. The piece will depend upon your secret condition and how you answer the drug. Endeavor to take it reliably all the while consistently as provoked by your essential consideration doctor. You should keep on tolerating it as suggested whether or not your incidental effects disappear quickly.

Common Side effects of this Tablet.

The most notable delayed consequences that may be seen with this medicine integrate squeamishness, heaving headache, jumbling, farting, free insides, and stomach torture. These will frequently be delicate anyway banter with your essential consideration doctor if they disturb you or don’t vanish. The bet of optional impacts could fabricate the more you take this drug. Long stretch use (north of 1 year) may construct your bet for bone breaks, especially with higher doses. Banter with your essential consideration doctor about approaches to hindering bone setback (osteoporosis), like taking calcium and vitamin D upgrades.


exarab 10mg Tablet isn’t sensible for specific people. Preceding taking this medicine, you need to inform you’re essential consideration doctor as to whether you have genuine liver issues, are taking medicines for HIV, have any time had an ominously defenseless reaction to practically identical medications previously, or experienced the evil impacts of bone disaster (osteoporosis). Pregnant or breastfeeding women should similarly advise their PCP before taking it. Do whatever it takes not to drink alcohol as it makes your stomach produce outlandish destruction and can break down your secondary effects.  .read more

Brand Name: Dexrabeprazole

Manufacturer: Emcure pharmaceutical .ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 10mg

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