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Peritoneal Dialysis Set

Product Name:  Peritoneal Dialysis Set

Manufacturer:  Angiplast Private Limited

 Application:    Dialysis


What is Peritoneal Dialysis Set?

Peritoneal Dialysis Set (per-ih-toe-NEE-ul bite the dust AL-uh-sister) is a method for eliminating side-effects from your blood when your kidneys can’t enough finish the work any more. This system channels the blood another way than does the more normal blood-separating strategy called hemodialysis.

How Peritoneal Dialysis Set used?

During peritoneal dialysis, a purifying liquid (dialysate) is coursed through a cylinder (catheter) inside piece of your stomach pit (peritoneal cavity). The dialysate retains side-effects from veins in your stomach lining (peritoneum) and afterward is moved back out of your body and disposed of.

  • Extra delicate crimp safe iced tubing.
  • Uncommonly planned ‘Y’- shape bonding set for directing dialysis arrangements.
  • Given two upper control cinches to work with the elective difference in arrangement bottles.
  • Two lower control clips aid simple information and waste of arrangement.
  • Proximal-end is given a reasonable connector for simple association with catheter unit.
  • Sterile Pack,ETO (Ethylene Oxide) disinfection approve as per Orchestrated Guidelines.

Some features of Peritoneal Dialysis Set:-

  • Punctured unconditional catheter.
  • Tempered steel trocar.
  • Furnished with late free bulb.
  • Roller cinch for stream control.
  • Accessible in grown-up and pediatric variations.
  • Long handle surgical tool sharp edge.
  • Timeframe of realistic usability: 60 Months.


90350PD SetAdult10100EO
90357PD SetPediatric10100EO
90360PD Transfusion Set25100EO

Product Name:  Peritoneal Dialysis Set

Manufacturer:  Angiplast Private Limited

 Category:    Dialysis

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