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Pressure monitoring line

Product Name:  ClearTubo

Trade Name: Pressure monitoring line

Application: Cardiology


What is a Pressure monitoring line?

The pressure monitoring line is made of understood and nonharmful PVC that is crimp-safe tubing. Pressure observing line details works with ideal powerful reaction; it is sans plastic and accessible as clean in nonphylogenic structure. It is profoundly precise and screens the familiar pulse as required.

How Pressure monitoring line is used?

A pressure checking line is utilized for noticing the tension through broadened clinical delicate, crimp-safe PVC tubing which guarantees smooth motion.


  • Manufactured from nontoxic medical grade P.V.C. material and able to withstand a pressure of 580 PSI.
  • Fitted with male/female & male/male Luer locks for a secure connection, Minimal dead space.
  • E.T.O. Sterile and Pyrogen Free.
  • Size: 10/25/50/100/150/200 cm.

Product Name: Pressure monitoring line

Application: Cardiology

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