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Radial Artery Band

Product Name: Radial Artery Band

Application: Cardiology


What is Radial Artery Band?

A Radial Artery Band gadget (outspread supply route tourniquet) is utilized to stop the distal progression of a sclerosing specialist. The gadget is additionally utilized in the pressure of different veins, bypass unions, and fistulas during the angiographic system.

How are Radial Artery band is used?

Through the straightforward construction intended for visual control and particular pressure of the spiral vein to permit blood return and save patency, TR Band helps with keeping up with outspread course patency at the hour of hemostasis to forestall future spiral supply route impediment.


  • Adjustable soft silicon compression parts make the patient feel easy after the procedure.
  • Transparent design for precise operation

Product Name: Radial Artery Band

Application: Cardiology

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