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Scalpel Blade 11

Product Name: Scalpel Blade 11

Trade Name: Scalpel Blade 11

Application: General Surgical


What is a Scalpel Blade 11?

Scalpel Blade 11 is a lengthened three-sided edge honed along the hypotenuse edge with areas of strength for a tip making it ideal for wound entry points required while spearing a canker or embedding a chest channel. It is held like a pencil and frequently topsy turvy by the specialist to forestall it coincidentally being embedded excessively profound.

How is Scalpel Blade 11is used?

The No.11 is likewise utilized for other little cuts for instance while embedding a laparoscopic port, vein, and conduit focal lines, opening the aorta and eliminating calcifications in the aortic or mitral valves, physical analyzations and careful treatment of problems of the foot, lower leg and lower furthest points in Podiatry.

Deciphering THE NUMBER CODES ON Surgical tool Cutting edges:-


Blade #10 has a large, curved cutting edge that looks similar to the shape of a traditional blade. This scalpel blade is used to make large incisions and cut soft tissues.


Blade #11 has a long and triangular shape. The hypotenuse is the sharpest edge on the blade. This blade is used to make short, precise cuts that are not too deep because of its pointed tip.


Blade #12 is a small and pointed instrument with a crescent-shaped blade. It is sharper on the inside edge of the curve and is mostly used as a suture cutter.


Blade #15 is small and has a curved cutting edge. It is used for making short, precise incisions.

Product Name: Scalpel Blade 11

Trade Name: Scalpel Blade 11

Application: General Surgical

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