Ryles Tube

Product Name: Ryles Tube

Manufacturer:  Angiplast Private Limited

Category: Gastroenterology



What is Ryles Tube?

Ryles Tube is expendable polyvinyl chloride tube utilized for both restorative and demonstrative purposes. It is fundamentally utilized for taking care of in patients with lower cranial nerve paralyses, in oblivious patients and in patients with PEM. It is additionally utilized for doing gastric lavage in instances of harming.

How Ryles Tube used?

Ryles Cylinder is intended to give admittance to nasogastric parcel to presentation of sustenance and goal of gastrointestinal emission. The fundamental utilization of a Nasogastric tube is for taking care of and for directing medications and other oral specialists.

Some prominent features of Ryles Tube:-

  • Siliconized and smooth external surface to lessen chances of tissue aggravation.
  • Thermo-delicate material relaxing with internal heat level adjusting to the state of nasal – gastric parcel.
  • Consumption safe hardened steel balls are fixed at the distal finish of cylinder for X-beam recognizable proof and for helping the development of cylinder during inclusion.
  • Given full length Radio Murky line for really looking at the cylinder arrangement.
  • Arrangement of four horizontal eyes for proficient goal.
  • Set apart with 1, 2, and 3 dark circles at 500mm, 600mm and 700mm for exact arrangement.
  • Furnished with delicate tightened connector at the proximal-finish to fit effectively with standard embellishments.
  • Sterile by Ethylene Oxide.
  • Accessible in various sizes (FG) : 8FG, 10FG, 12FG, 14FG, 16FG, 18FG, 20FG, 22FG, 24FG, and 26FG.

Made of Delicate, iced and wrinkle safe PVC tubing. Tube with radio-obscure line, set apart at 50, 60 and 70 cms from the tip for precise. arrangement. Four horizontal eyes for yearning and organization. Produced from Non-poisonous, Non-aggravation clinical grade PVC.


Product Name: Ryles Tube

Manufacturer:  Angiplast Private Limited

Category:  Gastroenterology

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