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Oxygen delivery set

Product Name:  Oxygen delivery set

 Application:  Surgical and Disposable


What is an Oxygen delivery set?

The Oxygen delivery set, nasal Cannula empowers patients to convey, eat or drink as the gadget is planned such that the mouth of the patient is kept empty. The gadget is likewise famously known as Twin Drag Nasal Oxygen Set.

How is the Oxygen delivery set used?

The nasal cannula permits breathing through the mouth or nose is accessible for all age gatherings and is satisfactory for short-or long haul use. Contrasted and other oxygen conveyance frameworks, a nasal cannula diminishes a patient’s sensation of claustrophobia, however, it may not be reasonable for mouth breathers.


INTENDED USE:-Nasal Oxygen Cannula is utilized to convey supplemental oxygen or wind current to a patient needing respiratory assistance. Twin drag/nasal tips are intended to guarantee an equivalent volume of oxygen to both air entries.


  • Produced using wrinkle-safe, straightforward, and non-harmful clinical grade PVC.
  • The cannula is contained two prongs that fit delicately into the nostrils to manage oxygen.
  • Delicate channel shape connector works with simple association with the oxygen source.
  • Non-clean, single-use.
  • Exclusively pressed.

Product Name:  Oxygen delivery set

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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